Advanced Concrete Technology

Advanced Concrete

  • Mix Design
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Joe Dewar
  • IntroductionPrinciples And Test Methods
  • Computerized Comprehensive Method Of Mix Design
  • Key Features
  • Materials Database
  • Mix Details
Concrete Specification And Selected Concrete
  • Trials Data
  • Batching Data
  • Special Concretes
  • Simplified Mix Design Methods
  • Simplified Mix Design – The Doe () Method
  • Simplified Mix Design – The ACI () MethodProperties Of Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
  • Experience In UseAims And Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Materials Technology Of HSC
  • Paste Properties
Transition Zone Properties
  • Aggregate Properties
  • Materials Selection And Mix DesignIntroduction
  • Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC) Versus Portland Cement (PC)
  • Refractory Limits Of Calcium Aluminate Cements
  • Refractory And Heat-Resisting Aggregates
Heat-Resistant Concretes
  • Insulating Concretes
  • Abrasion And Heat-Resisting Concretes
  • High-Temperature Refractory Concrete
  • Low- And Ultra-Low Cement
  • Self-Flow TablesObjectives
  • Introduction
  • Uses And Applications
Advanced Concrete Technology
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  • What Is Advanced Concrete Technology
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  • Terms Used In Concrete Technology

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